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5 alfresco dining ideas to improve your alfresco area

20th February 2017

With the weather staying warmer for a little longer, Australians are enjoying their outdoor spaces more than ever, (especially here in Newcastle). If you’ve been ignoring your alfresco area, it’s probably looking a little sad right now. 

There’s nothing worse than having an outdoor space that feels more like a headache than a place of relaxation. 

Imagine having some friends over on a beautiful evening, where you can enjoy each other’s company and the beautiful outdoors. 

That’s living, Barry. 

If you want to get your alfresco dining area looking happy and new again, check out our five easy alfresco dining ideas that will help you to create the perfect outdoor dining space, so you can enjoy your alfresco area again!

#1 Get yourself some functional outdoor furniture

If your furniture is comfortable, easy to use and multifunctional - your alfresco dining space will transform into a place you can enjoy no matter the time of day. Think comfy lounge chairs with a big coffee table which you can turn into a casual dining setting in the evening. Tables with inbuilt ice buckets are also a great multi-functional piece to keep guests happy, drinks cold and conversation flowing. 

#2 Protect your alfresco dining area against the elements

The ultimate test for the perfect alfresco dining space comes with the harshest conditions. If you can entertain in your outdoor area during rain, storm or forty degree sunshine, you’ve got yourself a pretty ideal alfresco dining space. 

If you have a paradise room that can be enclosed in rainy weather, you can still have an amazing dinner party or a quiet relaxed evening outside, with the added bonus of a great atmosphere. 

#3 Night-proof the space with lighting

Keep the party going from day to night with some simple and discreet lighting. Whether you install a few LED downlights, some wall sconces or even add a few candles - you can create an atmospheric space to improve the mood of the party (without breaking your budget in the process). 

#4 Get the good vibes going with music

A perfect outdoor dining space has a great atmosphere, and music will definitely add to your outdoor entertainment area... You can consider a variety of different audio options, depending on your budget. 

Check out these Bluetooth speakers. They're portable and will help you get the night started with some great tunes. 
Here are some great playlists to get that party started:

If you’re looking for an easy way to customise lighting, music and ventilation in your outdoor dining space, check out the Eclipse Linear Control System for an all-in-one solution.

#5 Inject your personality into your alfresco dining space with decorations and DIY

Add a bit of your personal style to your outdoor area to create the perfect alfresco dining space. After all, it’s is yours to use and enjoy, so why not add to the mood with some decorations you really love? 

You can add hanging pots with a colourful plant to add a burst of colour or try some DIY decor show off your handy skills. Here’s a great list of fun DIY outdoor furniture ideas to get your creative juices flowing. 

Candles and vases with fake or real indoor plants are an economical way to decorate the space if you’re looking to spruce things up on a smaller budget.  

Creating the perfect alfresco dining area doesn’t have to be rocket science- do what feels right for your style. These five alfresco dining ideas will certainly help you on your way to creating the perfect alfresco dining space that you can use year-round. 

HV Aluminum have a wide range of options to help you create the perfect alfresco dining space in Newcastle, the Central Coast and the Hunter Valley. 

If you want to find your perfect alfresco dining space check out our brochures or if you have any questions about building an alfresco area contact us.

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