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The pros and cons of a DIY patio project vs calling in the professionals

20th March 2017
By Admin

Do you hate the look of your backyard?

Does it resemble a war-torn country, rather than an expertly landscaped haven?

Is your lawn looking more like a drought-affected cattle ranch than a relaxing outdoor entertaining area?

Don’t make Jamie Durie sad.

It’s time you got serious about that backyard renovation of yours. Whether you opt to do-it-yourself, or you decide to call in the pro’s - you won’t regret the short term time and energy you invest when you’re sitting on your brand new patio sipping a nice cool beverage with a bunch of friends.

Outdoor living is the new yoga - it’s relaxing, it’s calming and it centres your mind.

The new Australian Dream is built on outdoor living.

The decision to build a patio shouldn’t be a hard one. It’s an investment that will pay off year-on-year, and you get the bonus of functional outdoor entertaining during all kinds of weather conditions.

It does come with its stresses, though.

You may want to build it yourself, or you may want to call in the experts and pay for a professional job. Either way - you need to weigh up the pros and cons of each option and decide which benefits matter the most.

We’ve pulled together a pros and cons list to help you analyse the DIY vs Professional patio building battle, so you can make an informed decision when you finally get around to building your little piece of the Australian Dream.

Pros of a Building Your Own Patio

#1. The sense of fulfilment.

You’ve built something with your two bare hands, all on your own. That’s something to be proud of. Besides, DIY projects can be a stack of fun. If you have a willing partner, some kids keen on learning the ropes, or some mates on the tools (you might need some BBQ meat and booze to pay your bribe) - you can get the job done fast with more than a few laughs along the way.

#2. There are no time constraints.

If you get your patio built professionally, you need to make sure you’re home, or someone is available for the builders to enter your property. You will have the freedom to take your time when you’re building your own patio, and if something comes up - you can put your project on hold before investing any more of your hard-earned.

Cons of Building Your Own Patio

#1. You have to manage the project yourself.

Budget, council approval, and actually building the patio - these are just a few of the more painful things you will need to consider. If you choose to DIY, do so only if you have a detailed plan. If there’s no plan, there’s huge room for mistakes - and your costs could blow out to a point where it would have been cheaper to hire a professional anyway.

#2. A DIY patio isn’t professionally built.

There’s no warranty, guarantee or promise that comes with a home job. When you choose a professional builder to build your patio, you are dealing with someone who does this stuff for a living. They understand measurements, which building materials are best for the patio, and how to manage your project in the most efficient possible manner. And let’s face it - they’ll get your patio built in a fraction of the time it will take you in sporadic bursts over a series of weekends.

Pros of a Professionally Built Patio

#1. It’s professionally built.

If you’re no whiz with a drill, patio building isn’t for you. When you build with a professional patio builder, you have a warranty on your patio, plus the added bonus of expert design and finishing.

#2. No stress.

When you decide to get a professional to take care of building your new patio, they take care of everything from council approvals to clean up. You won’t have to worry about a thing.

Cons of a Professionally Built Patio

#1. You will have someone on your property.

If privacy is a serious consideration and you’d prefer to keep strangers from having access to your home, building your own patio may be the best option. Dog owners also understand the potential problems posed by a collection of strange men traipsing in and out of your backyard. If your pooch is a little temperamental, it might not be worth the hassle.

#2. The cost.

Yes, building a patio can be expensive. It is an investment built to last - but it does involve a significant chunk of cash. If you can’t commit to one big financial outlay you may prefer the cheaper, staggered approach to financing your new patio. A DIY job gives you the ability to chip away at the project whenever you feel comfortable tipping in a little more budget.

A patio built to last far outweighs a cheap, low-quality patio. If your DIY skills aren’t up to ‘Block-winning’ levels and you want to build a patio for your family to enjoy in Newcastle, the Central Coast or the Hunter Valley, call HV Aluminum on 02 4903 3388.

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