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3 stunning outdoor living areas to inspire your next renovation

21st April 2017

The decision to add an outdoor living area to your home is a difficult one.

There are so many different factors to consider.

Approvals, finance, timing... Not to mention actually deciding what to build.

There’s never a bad time to build an outdoor living area. You’ll almost definitely add value to your home and - more importantly - you’ll create a vibrant space to enjoy with your family and friends for years to come.

Before you pick up your power tools, check out these three gorgeous ideas for inspiration on a design for your outdoor area. They’ll certainly help you on your way to building an outdoor entertaining space you’ll love.

#1. The Conservatory-style outdoor living area

Create an intimate area that’ll impress your guests by building a conservatory. An enclosed room like this creates the perfect environment for indoor plants.

You can grow your own vertical garden or create an indoor tropical sanctuary.

You can sit back and relax in any weather - all you have to do is add some comfy furniture and you can lie down, read a book and enjoy your surroundings.

Our glass rooms make for the perfect outdoor living area - you’ll never have to cancel a BBQ or event because of the chance of rain or wind.

Conservatories can make for an easy addition to your outdoor living plans. Simply insulate your ceiling to stay nice and cool in the Summer months while enjoying the natural warmth that filters through the glass in Winter.

#2. The all-weather pool area

Our Florida Screened Pool Enclosure makes for a perfect all weather pool area. You even have enough room to include an entertaining area for your family and friends. You can easily supervise children swimming, making an enclosed pool perfect for young families.

280 people drowned from June 2015 to July 2016 according to the Royal Life Saving Society. The best way to prevent drowning is with constant supervision - something your enclosed pool area will allow.

Parents and grandparents can supervise their loved ones swimming without having to leave their entertainment area. All weather pool areas are also perfect for the swimming lover - you will minimise your pool maintenance time due to the enclosed environment which makes it easy to smash through those laps all year round.

#3 The Backyard Oasis

Want the feeling of living in a resort in your own backyard?

Build your own outdoor oasis.

A place of luxury and relaxation - perfect for the warmer months, and enjoyable in the cooler months.

Flat Louvres are a simple way to design an all-weather outdoor area. The louvres can be closed to create a roof over your area and you can adjust them to filter light through.

You can enjoy the light and warmth without being fully exposed to the elements. A home simply isn’t complete without an outside space to entertain and relax in.

Contact HV Aluminum today for all your outdoor living area needs in Newcastle, the Central Coast and the Hunter Valley.

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