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Outdoor pet enclosures for your home

2nd November 2017

For pet owners in Newcastle, the abundance of sprawling suburbs with spacious backyards make the ideal home for furry and feathered friends. One of the most important considerations for any pet owner is making sure your animal companion is well looked after, even when you aren’t home.


This means having the appropriate shelter and access to pet doors, so you know they are safe and happy.


Patio covers and outdoor rooms are great for entertaining and providing shelter for your four-legged family members.


This article will show you some of the most important features to look for when choosing dog doors/cat doors and outdoor pet enclosures for your home, so you can sleep easy knowing your pets are safe and sound.  


Pet doors


Pet doors offer your cats or dogs the best of both worlds - being able to stretch their legs in the backyard, as well as a place to rest out of the elements.


Some pet owners will opt for access to the home via a cat or dog door, although it is important to be mindful of security and the size of the opening. One solution is to allow access to an area of the home that can be locked off from the rest of the house, such as a screen room.


Security is obviously an issue here too, so consider the dimensions of the pet door and whether a burglar could potentially squeeze through. Some pet door options include a one-way locking mechanism, so your dog or cat can come inside or go outside and the door will lock behind them.


Rabbit Hutches


Because we are lucky enough to have so much bushland surrounding many of our suburbs, the risk of wildlife entering our properties is significant.


When choosing a rabbit hutch. allow as much space as possible for the rabbits to play. As a general rule, a rabbit will need at least 1 square metre of living space and 3 square metres of exercise/play space.


It is essential to provide your rabbits with a covered and enclosed sleeping area, as well as room for litter and a feeding area.


Ensure all wire sections are made from sturdy materials and are joined correctly. With cats, dogs and even the odd fox roaming around, you will need to be absolutely certain that no wildlife can stick a hungry mouth or sharp claws inside.

Chicken coops


Having chooks in the backyard is the perfect solution for an ongoing egg supply, but you need to make sure you have an enclosure which keeps them safe from any prowling predators.


Hens can be a little bit fussy when it comes to their living arrangements. You will need to find a coop with a built-in nesting box, or put one together yourself. This provides a safe, comfortable place to lay.


You will also need to have somewhere for the chickens to perch off the ground. In some cases, coops will have perching areas incorporated into the design. If not, be sure you have provided them with a nice little spot to roost, away from the ground.


To encourage laying year round, ensure your chickens have a high calcium diet, with plenty of water, sunshine and room to move. Ask your local pet store about the ideal pellet mixes and be sure to grab a feeder and water dispenser while you’re at it.  


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Image source: Pexels

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