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How to set up the ultimate outdoor music system

9th November 2017

The temperature is ticking up and Daylight Savings is here.

You know what that means…

It’s nearly barbecue season.

Kicking back outside with your family and friends, cracking open an icy cold beer and chucking a few snags on the barbecue is the standard operation for any Aussie summer’s night.

But there’s one thing missing from this picture.

A killer soundtrack of the best summer tunes blaring from your brand new outdoor stereo system.

No barbecue is complete without some quality music and it’s hard to keep the vibe going when the songs are barely a whisper floating through from the living room.

Creating a chilled vibe at your next barbecue is going to come down to your outdoor sound system. The brand, quality and weatherability are crucial as well as placement for power and maximum sound.

Before you scamper off to buy new speakers, check out our guide on how to set up the ultimate outdoor music system.

1. Get yourself the best quality outdoor music system around

Since your new sound system is going to live outside, you need to find an option to take on the madness of the Aussie outdoors. Wind, rain, hail and blaring heat are all bound to hit your backyard in the summer months. Your outdoor sound system needs to survive the harshest of elements during storm season.

Here are two quality options:

  • BOSE FreeSpace 51 Environmental Speakers

Source: Apollo HiFi

These BOSE speakers aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing. They kinda look a bit like upside down garbage bins. The economical factors make up for the strange design -  they’re specifically engineered for maximum durability. The speakers are weatherproof, and they also come with a five year warranty so if something does happen, you’re covered to have them repaired or replaced.

  • Yamaha NS-AW294 All Weather Speakers

Source: Audio Gurus

If you’re after something cheaper but almost as effective, check out the Yamaha all weather option. Yamaha is a solid, trustworthy brand, known for its value-for-money products in a range of industries including motorbikes, guitars and even speakers.

Yamaha’s All Weather Speakers’ special processing makes them waterproof, drip-proof and UV resistant, so you can rock on right on through the harsh Australian weather.

They also have a more traditional speaker design in comparison to the quirky BOSE environmental speakers. You also get an option of classic black or a more modern white.

Whatever speakers you choose - just make sure they’re specifically designed outdoor speakers when you purchase your new sound system. There’s nothing worse than going to all the trouble to rig up the perfect new outdoor system, only for the first lick of rain to ruin your equipment.

2. Set your speakers up for maximum sound quality

You want to get the absolute best sound out of your speakers and considering outdoor music systems don’t produce a lot of bass, getting the placement right is going to make a massive difference.

Try to hang your speakers reasonably high for the most satisfying sound results. Tech experts Top Ten Reviews recommend to “hang ‘em high” but never higher than 10ft.

The higher you mount your speakers, the better sound distribution you'll get,” author Joel recommends.

“However, the breaking point is at around 10 feet. If your speakers are more than 10 feet off the ground, the sound will start to dissipate into the air.

Joel also recommends keeping them 10 feet apart to create the stereo effect they’re destined to produce. A great outdoor sound system only works as well as its placement.

3. Find a safe power source

Dilemma: how are you going to power your speakers outside?

Setting up the receiver inside the house is the best way to power your outdoor music system. A ‘multi-zone receiver’ will let some different background music play inside while your party tunes play outside where the action happens.

Your job with a multi-receiver system is simple. You just need to run the speaker wire from the indoor receiver to the main speaker outside. Avoid feeding it through a window - damaged wires are dangerous and you run the risk of ruining your speakers.

4. Consider adding a roof to your deck or backyard

There’s one surefire way to amp up the acoustics and protect your new sound system from the elements - by building a roof over your deck or backyard.

A roof or patio is an affordable, long-term solution for better protecting your outdoor electronics. By sheltering your speakers from rain, your new sound system will have a much longer lifespan and will avoid the risk of any electrical damage from the weather.

As Joel from Top Ten Reviews said, placement of your speakers is crucial for maximum sound quality. Tucked up in a corner between the deck and the roof will amp up the volume as well as the bass.

Another option for both protecting your sound system is the Eclipse Opening Roof with a linear control system. The louvres overlap and can be controlled via remote, tablet or smartphone so that you can manage the amount of sunlight shining through to your outdoor area.

You can connect your new sound system through the Eclipse Opening Roof so you can get some sun and listen to tunes risk-free all year.

What better reason is there for improving the look and functionality of your outdoor entertainment area?

We want to make your outdoor extension projects easier so we provide a free measure and quote for a range of helpful services. Check out our project gallery for inspiration!

Kick back and enjoy your tunes outside this summer

Installing an outdoor music system will turn your backyard fun up a few notches.

Sitting back and relaxing with some soothing house music in the afternoon is the height of relaxation after a long day at work and no party is the same without a dance track humming along in the background.

You’ll be on the patio year round once you’ve successfully installed your outdoor sound system.

Want to talk to an expert about home extensions to add value to your Newcastle, Central Coast or Hunter Valley property? Get in touch with the HV Aluminium team today on (02) 4903 3388.

Image source: Pexels

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