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Differences between paradise rooms, screened rooms and glass rooms

1st April 2018

Need more entertaining space?

Looking for a way to impress your friends and family when they come over for a gathering?

Or just want an excuse to create your own home paradise?

We all want a place we can call home. A section of the house where we can be ourselves and enjoy our time after (or before) a long day at work.

At HV Aluminium we have helped many people develop their ‘dream’ outdoor room. Now, we want to share our top tips with you.

There are a few factors you need to consider before you get started:

What’s the purpose of the room?

To entertain, relax, a place to have a drink or dinner, or maybe a place to keep your plants? Keep the purpose of your room in mind when designing.

Balance sun with shade

In Australia, we are blessed with sunny summers. But those summer rays can cause a dangerous impact on our skin. Consider including a screened enclosure to block out the harsh rays.

Make it comfortable

You’ll be spending a lot of time in your new paradise room so be practical with space and include some comfy seating.

Make it usable year-round

Often, people make the mistake of creating a room. You can easily turn your outdoor space into an all-year-round place by installing screens, sashes or glass walls.


How much are you looking to invest in your room? We say invest - your new room will not only help improve your lifestyle but the value of your home. Your budget will influence the best room type for you.

Read our blog on designing an outdoor room in Newcastle for more insights to getting started on your new room.

Without further adieu, let’s launch into the different types of rooms you can create.

Screened enclosure

Imagine it’s a hot summer evening. A few friends and family are over at your place for dinner. The kids are playing in the corner and your guests are enjoying themselves and their meal away from the hundreds of mozzies flying around outside.

How are you keeping the annoying insects out of your entertainment area?

With a screened enclosure!

Screened rooms are quite versatile. For decades, people have used screened rooms for many different purposes.

Here are some common use-cases to warm up your creativity:

  • Screened rooms can easily be turned into a retreat - you could put in a hammock, daybed or even turn the room into a greenhouse with all your favourite plants!
  • They make an ideal home for your pets so your dog doesn’t get wet in the rain

Screened rooms come in a variety of colours and designs. Our team at HV Aluminium can even build a customised screen your deck, concrete slab or pavers, or offer roofing suggestions and solutions. 

At HV Aluminium, we’ll ensure you get bang for your buck and that means giving you all the details before you make a final decision on your purchase.

Screened enclosures don't provide protection from the rain, so it's best to fill it with wet-weather furniture. Another thing to remember is screened rooms can’t be air-conditioned so you’ll need to go with different options such as a fan.

Paradise Room

Where’s your favourite tropical holiday destination?

Hawaii, the Gold Coast, or maybe Thailand?

Paradise rooms are a great way to create your dream destination in your very own home.

Paradise rooms can be used for all occasions and times of year. They can include sliding, bi-fold and swing open doors. They can include alfresco dining and different lighting.

Here are the reasons we love paradise rooms:

  • Paradise rooms are screened, provide great views of your yard and can be closed up from the weather.
  • You can blend your outdoor area with your inside your home meaning on nice days you can open up the room and bring in the natural light.
  • Your paradise room isn’t just an ‘add-on’ to your home, it’s an extra living space to complement your property.
  • Sliding sashes provide flexibility. With the sashes down you have 75% of the paradise room open to allow for maximum air flow whilst closing the sashes keeps out the weather, dirt and dust.

A paradise room is a type of glass room and compared to screened rooms, a paradise room will set you back a little more as glass windows and doors are required.

Here’s what one of our customers, Sue, said about her new room:

“Thank you for my wonderful new outdoor area - Paradise Room. This whole process has been streamlined and easy and I want to thank you for your patience with my questions, your professionalism and just plain good old fashioned service. It really has been a pleasure dealing with you.”

Interested in a paradise room? Check out our paradise room brochure for more inspiration.

Glass Room

Glass rooms have captured the interest of homeowners since the 16th century. Back in the day, glass rooms were used to grow exotic plants. Today, homeowners create glass rooms to bring natural sunlight and warmth into the home.

Over the years, we’ve discovered many benefits to glass rooms:

  • Glass rooms will enhance natural light
  • They keep you warmer in the colder months because the sun is absorbed into the glass, which warms up the room
  • During summer, insulated roof panels can cool your room

Our customers find our glass rooms ideal for enclosing balconies and providing floor-to-ceiling views of your property. And, if you have certain environmental goals, we can help plan and design a glass room to suit your needs.

Keep in mind that glass rooms potentially have less airflow and ventilation than screened rooms or paradise rooms so it could be worth adding a pedestal fan to boost the air flow.

Interested in designing a glass, screened or paradise room in the Newcastle area? Get a quote today!

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