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5 festive (but affordable) ways to decorate your outdoor room this Christmas

11th December 2018

Christmas Bauble

Image: Pexels

So, it’s your turn to host breakfast, lunch and maybe even dinner this year for Christmas.

Hosting Christmas can be stressful. Between shopping for presents, organising who’s cooking what, cleaning until the house is spotless and making the patio look like a Christmas Dream, there are a million and one things to do - plus, a million and one dollars to spend.

Yep, hosting Christmas can be stressful AND expensive.

At HV Aluminium, we want to make hosting Christmas on your patio a little easier this year. We’ve scoured the internet and found some of the most festive and affordable DIYs for decorating your outdoor room  - your family will be in awe of your creativity!

Read on and learn a thing or two with these DIY projects.

#1. Skip the big, elaborate Christmas Tree - opt for a mini centrepiece 

Image: Pop Sugar

Depending on the size of your outdoor room, you may have limited space to fit the whole family, the enormous stack of presents, the food, the barbeque and of course, the Christmas Tree.

To make room on the patio this Christmas, consider building a mini Christmas Tree from fresh greens from the farmer’s markets. Succulents are ideal - these versatile little plants require minimal care and will last out in the heat on Christmas Day, plus they’re leafy enough to look like a proper Christmas Tree!

Want to build a succulent Christmas Tree for the dining table?  

All you have to do is cut a large square of chicken wire and roll it into a cone shape before filling it with water-soaked moss. Then, poke holes in the moss to hold the roots of the succulents. Make sure to use greening pins to make the plants keep their position on the tree.

Watch the tutorial over at HGTV!

#2. Hang fairy lights from the patio cover for a magical, starlit atmosphere

Image: Elle Decor

The classic Aussie Christmas rages on well into the night. If you’re expecting to host dinner as well as lunch on the patio, consider hanging Christmas Lights from the patio cover for a magical, starlit atmosphere during dinner.

The trick is to hang white Christmas Lights from the beams around the edge of the patio to create a festive, immersive experience. The dim lights are perfect for creating a relaxed atmosphere which isn’t too draining - we all know how long Christmas Day can be!

You can pick up a set of weatherproof hanging lights from Bunnings for as little as $12 - but make sure to check the requirements and additional information on the back of the package. You don’t want to pick up lights that aren’t waterproof, just in case the weather turns sour.

#3. Create gilded gum leaves and hang them amongst the fairy lights

Image: Tara Dennis

Sick of all the snowflakes, icicles and faux snow on windowsills? Embrace the steaming hot temperatures and summer storms of an Aussie Christmas with decorations made from our native flora.

Homeware designer, Tara Dennis, has come up with a quick and simple DIY project for hosts running short on time - gilded gum leaves.

All you have to do is collect some gum leaves and twigs from your backyard or local park, lay them out on some newspaper, and spray the leaves down with gold or silver spray paint.

You can use these to decorate however you like - but we recommend hanging them among the hanging lights for an expensive-looking, golden effect during the day, then a glimmering addition in the lights at night.

#4. Hang a native flower wreath on the door to your outdoor room

Image: Pinterest

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a wreath hanging on the patio door.

Originally, wreaths were handmade in Ancient Greece & Rome from leaves, twigs, flowers and small fruits like berries. These were designed to crown victors from battle or to represent social rank. Centuries later, the Christian faith took on wreaths to represent strength, immortality, and spiritedness.

Whatever wreaths represent, families all over Australia hang wreaths on their doors to show their love of all things Christmas.

In the same vein as Tara Dennis’ gilded gum leaves, consider making a Christmas Wreath out of native flowers, greens and twigs this year. It’s a fresh, all-natural take on the traditional evergreen Christmas Wreath - all you need is some thin craft wire, wire cutters, a hot glue gun and some native flowers, leaves and gum nuts.

Learn how to make your own native flower wreath over at Paper & Pin.

#5. Decorate the table with native flowers in bottles from Aussie Icons

Image: Lenzo

Not into the big white Christmas? Not even the stinking-hot summer holidays here in Australia?

If you’re looking for a more subtle take on the whole “festive” thing, you’re going to love these native flower bouquets in bottles and jars of our most famous products. Think Victorian Bitter, Vegemite, Rosella, and more!

Rather than setting up a Christmas Tree or decking out the patio dining table with pinecones, faux snow, and pine leaves, consider collecting some native flora from the bush (or your backyard) and creating native bouquets with wattle, kangaroo paw, pink bottlebrush and gum leaves.

Then, fill some used bottles and jars with water. Add your flowers and you’ve got a glorious, Australia-inspired centrepiece. It’s a subtle, casual alternative to the over-done Christmas theme, but will still impress the family over Christmas. You might not even have to spend a dime!

Deck the halls of your outdoor room with these creative, Aussie-inspired decorations

Reinventing your outdoor room for the Christmas Season doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming.

With the creative DIY ideas above, you can decorate the patio or outdoor room for Christmas in no time - with minimal costs involved. Just pick up a few leaves and twigs from the backyard or head down to the farmer’s markets for materials. Your family will love your creativity and you’ll save a pretty penny, too!

Before decking out the patio with lights and decorations, it might be worth getting some maintenance done, including cleaning and tightening up.

Get in touch with the team from HV Aluminium about our outdoor room maintenance services. We can get your patio looking great for Christmas! 

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