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5 festive (but affordable) ways to decorate your outdoor room this Christmas - 11th December 2018
Hosting Christmas in your outdoor room doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Decorate your outdoor room with these creative DIY projects.
4 simple patio garden ideas to create a lush, green atmosphere - 23rd November 2018
Patio looking a little bare? Add some plants and create a full patio garden! Read our blog for inspiration on how to deck out your patio.
4 elements to look out for when choosing a new patio builder - 22nd October 2018
Use our four-point checklist to choose a patio builder who you can trust to deliver and build a quality outdoor patio cover.
What are the typical stages of a patio installation? - 22nd October 2018
Patios are perfect for adding value to your home… but how long does it take to set one up? We’ve shared our patio building schedule in our blog.
4 weatherproof awning materials for your home - 19th September 2018
We cover 4 weatherproof awning materials: vinyl, fiberglass awnings, aluminium & acrylic. Here’s your guide to choosing the best one for your home.
5 things to consider before buying shutters for your home - 19th September 2018
Want to buy shutters but don’t know where to start? Save yourself time by asking yourself five simple questions before choosing shutters for your home.
3 unmissable advantages of investing in patio covers - 23rd August 2018
Have you ever experienced a pang of jealousy turning up to a friend’s place for the first time, only to discover they have a perfectly designed outdoor living space, complete with a stylish, modern patio?
Our essential guide to complying developments and outdoor patios - 14th August 2018
For smaller projects like patios, you can usually bypass getting a complying development certificate. Here’s what to do if your project needs approval
Droolworthy Patio Designs To Inspire Your Next Reno - 31st July 2018
Patios are one of the most useful additions to a home. Get inspired with these mouth-watering patio designs.
Opening Roof Systems vs Single Skin Roof and Insulated Roofs - 31st July 2018
Opening roof systems are perfect for all-year around room use. We compare the best opening roofs to insulated and single-skin options.

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