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Creating the perfect bbq entertainment area - 26th April 2018
Thinking about creating a bbq entertainment area? Here are our tips to help get you started and reduce costs.
Differences between paradise rooms, screened rooms and glass rooms - 1st April 2018
Thinking about designing a new room for your home? Here’s what you need to know about screened, paradise and glass rooms.
4 Simple Steps For Sealing Patios Fast - 13th March 2018
Your patio can get shockingly grubby out in the elements. Find out how to effectively seal your patio with these 4 simple steps.
4 ways to add your indoor comforts to your outdoor space - 26th February 2018
Aussie kids spend less than two hours outside each day. Get back outdoors with these 4 creative ideas to add your indoor comforts to your outdoor space.
3 crucial boundary regulations that could bring down your project - 23rd February 2018
Building a new home, patio or pool is exciting. Don’t risk having all that hard work knocked down or removed by ignoring these three crucial regulations.
3 inspiring outdoor lighting ideas to brighten up your patio - 24th January 2018
The patio party doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down. Illuminate your outdoor area with these 3 inspiring ideas for lighting your patio.
Aluminium vs Wood: What’s the best option for your pergola or patio? - 10th January 2018
Building a pergola or patio? Don’t tear your hair out deciding what to build with. Find out if wood or aluminium is better for your outdoor project.
5 tips for cleaning patios and outdoor entertaining areas - 21st December 2017
Your brand new patio can’t stay clean forever. Keep your outdoor area looking fresh with these 5 tips for cleaning patios.
5 DIY patio outdoor furniture ideas to revamp your backyard - 15th December 2017
A brand new, home-built patio needs unique, DIY outdoor furniture. Check the top five outdoor furniture ideas you need to get your project started.
How to get NSW council approval for your patio, pergola, or deck - 9th November 2017
Thinking of building a pergola, deck or patio? There may be hurdles to jump through before you get council approval. We’ve got a collection of simple advice to make the process easier.

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